No one would have believed, that in the year of 2013 an average guy would find his calling, no one even dreamed that in the timeless world of Hollywood that one man would strive so much and pay for it tenfold in his pursuit of success. But now in the year of 2016, David Christopher-Turner has slowly but surely moved forward, success a possibility instead of a dream.

Hi guys, welcome to my first blog post all about acting, my trials, my tribulations and of course my non-existent wit.

Ill be exploring everything in my experience from Auditions to getting an agent, the insecurities and the rejection. But we’ll also get a sneak peak into mine and my colleagues successes. So sit back and watch as the Actors guide to the galaxy unfolds before your eyes,  buckle up cause its gonna get bumpy.


This will be a rollercoaster so if, when you go to Blackpool you can’t even bring yourself to look at The Big One, then go, run away now before its to laaaaaaate.

If you have any requests or want me to talk about something you think would be useful feel free to get in touch.

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