So not sure if you guys know, but I’ve been trying to get a Fantasy film made for about 2 years so far, and it has consumed me to the point of oblivion on several occasions.

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Its been an absolute rollercoaster with ups and downs all the way, and all of it has been captured by documentary film maker(amongst other things) Tony Sabanskis, which will be turned into a feature length documentary “Independent Dreams”.

If I’m completely honest, the whole process of being filmed in my most vulnerable state, myself, was cringe worthy at best.  Having a camera run while your having shepherds pie for tea, having your every move and comment recorded no matter whether your happy, sad, ecstatic or distraught.  Unfortunately my defence mechanism for a misplaced word consists of panicking and then more than likely digging myself that bit deeper, whereas Alex De Luca’s(co-producer on Dream Finder) method is much more effective.

“don’t print that or ill stab ya” Alex De Luca direct quote.

There is a lot to be said for threats of physical violence, anyway I digress, ah yes misplaced words.  So far I have gotten into to trouble with my gorgeous wife umpteen times.  I did say that it might be better not to let her see the draft before its released, but then again her seeing the whole thing in one go could have been a lot worse.  We have watched the draft and while I constantly cringe at my antics and some of the things I say, they are all real, and it really captures my frustration and my passion for this film.

What I do need to say is that although this film has been a passion of mine for some time, nothing can top the passion I have for my wife and my little family.  Without trying to sound cliché, Everything I do I do it for them.  The problem is that I am a risk taker, all or nothing type of guy. If I wasn’t taking a risk with Dream Finder, I’d be taking a risk with something else.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you have a wife and a family, don’t let someone make a documentary about you making a film.  It will cause you problems :)

But it is a testament to the strength of our relationship, as we are still going strong as ever, and my gratitude of being part of a family that loves me very much and that I love equally as much.

If your interested you can check out the Website for the documentary by clicking the link below, or you can watch the trailer for it here.

Independent Dreams extended trailer

Website –


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  1. Tony says:

    Not Shepards pie, pasta! :)

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