Back in July 2016, a friend of mine (Louis Frost of Silver Lining Pictures) threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to write, record and film a music video for a Rap.  The only rule was that it had to be about the word “awesome”.

so I set about it,  first thing I needed was some music.  Now I could put something together with my guitar but I had another mate who I new would have something I could use,  who just so happened to be the producer of the blackout crews Put a donk on it.  Check out the video.

Music sorted, wrote the wrap, recorded the vocals and mixed it, then with less than 2 days to go, I proceeded to film the video on my trusty iPhone 6.  Heres the result.

As an aside, amazingly this music video has been accepted into the indiewise film festival!!


And I suppose I should also post what I was up against….  however the thumbnail is purposely smaller….:)

But anyway, of the back of Jack rap, CBBC asked me to write and film another rap for inclusion in a Gameshow pilot me and Lucy were involved with.  Credit goes to Tony Sabanskis again for the music.


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