You’ve seen the movies, you’ve watched all your favourite tv shows, and you’ve decided.  “I can do that”

You have taken the first step to becoming an actor, now before we go any further you need to know that the journey tour about to embark upon is probably going to be one of the most harrowing yet most fulfilling journeys of your life.  Never have I been on such a rollercoaster of a ride.  So lets see what I did when I made that decision to “Become an Actor”

  1. Getting your first job

This is your first hurdle, you have no experience, probably no training, yet your expecting producers and directors to cast you in their production.  This industry is filled with catch 22 situations and this the first one.

First you are going to need some professional actors headshots, these can be expensive but I’m afraid if your serious about acting they are a must, and I encourage you to go to a professional after all, your headshot is the first thing that’s seen when you apply for a casting, so make it count.  Your best bet from there is to look for student films that need cast, these are almost always unpaid, but if it gets you experience its worth it, the silly thing is you will probably still have to audition as competition even at this level is very high.  You can also sign up to Extras agencies, although its not something I would recommend if your intention is to be an actor, however Extras agencies tend to get castings for commercials which is a great place to start.  My first acting job was on a commercial for Ronald McDonald House Charities

You can also sign up to sites such as or  Both of these sites offer potential castings but you do have to pay for the privilege of applying for them

Network, network ,network, make friends and contacts in the industry, find out who’s doing what , attend workshops and actors meetings.  Make those connections that will enable you to be seen by those people running the castings

So what do you need,  Headshots, Student films, Extras Agencies and network, network, network.  There’s no guarantees and there will always be an element of luck with getting acting jobs but by putting yourself out there you are in the best place to make it and get that first elusive job.

In part 2 next week we talk about the importance of a showreel, what is it, why do we need it and how do I get one?

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