David Turner, 2021

Based in Manchester UK


Starting his media journey 10 years ago, David starting acting, working on commercials, short films and various feature films.

During a down spike in acting work, David began looking at making his own productions and indeed wrote his first script, a book to film adaptation of fantasy epic Dreamfinder.  Since then David has made 25 short films, of which he is award winning for 5 of them, 2 Music Video's and one feature film.  David is an all rounder and can turn his hand to pretty much any role, however his passion lays writing, directing and editing. Allowing him to explore fantastical worlds on his own terms.



OneVoice Awards - Best TV Voiceover - 2018

3 Girls

Kamianets Film Festival - Finalist best trailer - 2019

Day One

PQA Film Festival - Regional Winner - 2019

Walk of Life

PQA Film Festival - Regional Winner - 2018

A Beautiful Broken Soul

PQA Film Festival - National Winner - 2019

The Secret Life of Humans