A Christmas Susan

For those that don’t know, I’ve been working at PQA(Pauline Quirke Academy) Bury for just under 4 years as the film and TV Tutor, teaching kids aged between 5 and 18 how to act for camera and how to make short films.

As part of the work we do, we make short films and today was one of those days. We are making a Christmas film called a Christmas Susan. For me it was a challenging day however In 3 hours total across all age groups, where the kids are crewing and cast, they managed to complete filming of about 2 hours worth of footage. That there is a feat. I mean my work at PQA is the only place I’ve seen films that would normally take literally 4-5 days filming, be done in the equivalent of 1 or 2 days.

These kids are the future and I wanted to shout about how awesome they are. I often wonder what they could achieve if they were given just a little bit more time. Well done to all the kids at PQA Bury, keep being yourselves and being amazing.

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