A Filmmaker is born - over a period of time

Hi guys and welcome to my first ever blog post, on my brand new website, its been a long old road, but with copious amounts of coffee and help from my children, I'm able to single finger type this post. So don't expect loads of these, just saying.

Well, for those that don't know me I'm Dave, I'm the one on right. And the one on the left, who knows. She must have been attracted by my immense animal magnetism and virile nature (this is a proven fact for bald men. Honest)

Nah, this is my gorgeous wife Samantha, who has put up with me for the better half of 3 decades. Making sure i don't go completely off the rails with my creative flow, and decide I'm going to jump off the top of multi-story car park holding a camera to get the perfect super hero landing shot.

Mainly because she wants to do it like, but you know, at least I'm ok.

Anyway, I've not just suddenly popped out of the aether, I've been acting for about 10 years and film-making for 6. But I would like to invite you all to follow my journey as I become the best ASDA (or indeed one of many other supermarket chain) checkout dude. They will call me Dave HD, because ....I like it. But seriously watch and follow as I finally complete my website and start moving ever closer to being taken seriously in this crazy industry. Anyway if your interested, you can watch a documentary starring me and couple of my mates, trying to make our first films, I recommend it, its highly amusing and also quite touching AND has an IMDB rating of 8/10 (Thanks Mum) Its free to watch on Amazon Prime, and if you dont have Amazon Prime, just rent it, cause its good (Thanks again Mum).


Watch Independent Dreams | Prime Video ( UK persons click this one

Watch Independent Dreams | Prime Video ( US persons click this one

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